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Alter Ego
3-7 October 2019, Moscow
Alter Ego
3-7 October 2019, Moscow
International Festival of Tango Nuevo and Neotango in Moscow!

Guests of the Festival will enjoy a rich educational, entertainment and, of course, Dance Program. The Festival will be attended by iconic tango dancers. We intend to organize the participation of a large number of Tango Nuevo dancers.
Best DJs of alternative milongas
Anna Neum
Popular resident of European neotango marathons and festivals. Has a unique style and manner of conducting diverse musical compositions. The ideology of the milongas in the DARK.
Alexandr Prishepov
DJ, the videographer, the creator of the channel Prischepov TV
A famous person in the tango community not only in Russia but also in the world.
Olga Bogdanova
Experienced tango DJ from St. Petersburg. Olga has long and thoroughly secured the status of one of the best DJs of the city on the Neva.
Alena Fedorova
The ideologist of the tango nuevo and neotango. Experimenter and innovator of alternative milongas. Permanent resident of Moscow milongas.
The Festival Team
International team of teachers of the Festival Alter Ego.
Sebastian Arce (Argentina)
Tango teacher, founder Arce Academia
Legendary Argentine Tango dancer. Many years he is the top teacher of the Argentine Tango in the world. Famous specialist and expert.
He starred in Carlos Saur's Tango film, the Creator of the first online tango school. As a teacher he has given master-classes in many countries and cities all over the world.
Cristian Duarte & Lilach Mor (Israel)
Tango teachers
Cool dancers with elegant style in Argentine Tango. Lilach dancing with childhood: ballet, modern dance, jazz, flamenco and more. She involved in different dancing shows in her professional career such as Cats on Broadway (New York).
Cristian Duarte was born and grew up in Argentina. In 1992 became the champion in martial arts, studied engineering and design. Since 1998 he has been engaged in tango. Collaborated with Studio DNI in Buenos Aires.
Eleonora Kalganova (USA)
Tango teacher
Dance artist and teacher. Focuses on the study of improvisation, flow and communication as a process and performances in the Argentine Tango. Eleanora studied many different and unique forms of dance from an early age: folk, ballroom, character, historical, ballet and contemporary.
She graduated from the State Academy of dance in Tashkent and became a ballet dancer in Opera and ballet of Alisher Navoi. After years of studying Argentine Tango, she began to develop a unique style of modern tango. The union of many disciplines and influences allows Eleanor to create and to develop your own special and the unmistakable style of dance.
Pablo Villarraza (Argentina)
Tango teacher
One of the founders of the tango school DNI. With Dana Frigoli was the only known international couple who was teaching a class Tango Nuevo in Buenos Aires. Popularizer of Tango Nuevo, who trained a large number of quality dancers and teachers of Modern Tango. The researcher forms of tango, teaching methods and the quality of the connection.
Pablo has an extensive look at the evolution of contemporary tango. He is always in search for new forms of implementation of the technology tango.
The Russian team of teachers of the Festival Alter Ego.
Alexey Barbolin and Helga Domashova (St. Petersburg)
Tango teachers, founders Tango Profi
The most famous teacher of Argentine Tango in Russia, who has repeatedly held his master classes in many Russian cities.
Alexey has a clear and deep system of teaching and Tango theory. According to his teaching methods, most of the regional tango schools are growing.
He teaching russian tango dancers over 20 years.
Pavel Sobiray (Moscow)
Tango teacher, founder dance studio Mamita
Experimenter and innovator Modern Tango in Russia. The main ideologist of Tango Nuevo in country. The promoter of this trend among dancers of different dance style.
Creator of his own teaching methodology and Tango Nuevo learning. Pavel promotes his vision on the development of Tango by borrowing ideas from other dance styles. For example, from street dancing. Some people like it, some do not.
Ilya Vinogradov and Alexander Kalugin (Krasnodar)
Tango nuevo teachers
Talented couple of teachers Tango Nuevo from Krasnodar. They are very famous in their region. Experimenters and innovators who are looking for a new picture of Tango Nuevo. Special emphasis is placed on the sensual component of the dance.
Ilya and Alexandra has its own school of Argentine Tango in Krasnodar
Ivan Logachev and Nadezhda Pivovarova (Rostov)
Tango nuevo teachers
A unique pair with its extraordinary background. Ivan was street dancer. Nadezhda — the master of sports on synchronized swimming. Bold, bright, charismatic. Ivan belongs to the first wave of popularity of Tango Nuevo in Russia, which was at the peak about ten years ago.
On the moment, this professional couple efficiently teaches Tango Nuevo in Rostov and conduct outreach workshops in different cities. Also in Moscow.
Carlos Libedinsky
Argentine musician
Composer, bandoneonist and producer. Founder & leader of the neotango project — Narcotango.
The schedule of the Festival:
3-7 october 2019
3 October
21:00 - 05:00 Pre-party.
4 October
12:00 - 18:00 Educational program (lectures, classes, practices, private lessons).

21:00 - 05:00 Milonga-opening of the festival.
5 October
12.00 - 18.00 Educational program (lectures, classes, practices, private lessons).

19:00 - 20:00 Lecture Of Sebastian Arce.

20:00 - 21:00 Talk-show with Sebastian Arce.

21:00 - 07:00 Grand-milonga.
- Tango Nuevo battle.
- Performance Of Carlos Libedinsky (Narcotango).
6 October
12.00 - 18.00 Educational program (lectures, classes, practices, private lessons).

21:00 - 05:00 Milonga.
7 October
12.00 - 18.00 Educational program (lectures, classes, practices, private lessons).

21:00 - 05:00 Milonga-afterparty.
As it was in February 2019
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